Your child is destined to be a world-changer

Your child is destined to be a world-changer

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders, Creators, Innovators, Inventors, and Explorers -

A Pre K-12 Private School in Pontotoc, Mississippi.

We’re firm believers that education is more than just schooling; it’s a journey of readiness for the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Today’s learners are destined for a future that will look vastly different from the world we know now. They won’t just navigate it. That’s why our Micro-School exists to empower character-filled human beings for life.

Our mission is to guide learners to discover their true purpose and equip them to flourish in a world of constant change. We ignite their passion and hone their skills through a unique approach. Here, learning is not confined to textbooks; it’s about tackling real-world challenges head-on.

We dare our students to seize the reins of their education, to immerse themselves in problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. By diving into complex issues and sparking innovative solutions, they’re not just preparing for their future- they’re actively creating it. At our core, we’re sculpting the thinkers, doers, and leaders of tomorrow, who’ll confidently thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.


We believe each person who enters Acton Ivy Greene will be inspired to understand the world around them, and talents within them, so that they can find a calling and change the world.




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Ages 7 - 9



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Ages 15 - 17

*We encourage all families to still go through the audition process if you are interested in Acton as we have seats open from time to time as learners level up in their studios or move away.


We believe each person who enters Ivy Greene Acton Academy will be inspired to understand the world around them, and talents within them, so that they can find a calling and change the world.

3 Ways Learning Is Different Here

It’s Student Centered

We empower kids to own their learning. No homework here. Instead, we help students set goals, manage their time, and work at their own pace on core subjects, while engaging in hands-on projects in science, art, and technology. This is authentic learning, not focused on passing tests or memorizing facts.

Focused On The Real World

We believe students learn by doing. Whether it’s launching a startup business, playing an instrument, or programming a robot in their summer apprenticeship, our students are building real world skills every day, paving the way for them to succeed in the future.

Guided, Not Taught

Learning should reflect the unique personality and interests of the learner. Instead of boring lectures, our Guides lead small groups, helping students set goals and discover their own learning path. With small groups, caring adults, and lots of freedom, kids are empowered to learn.

What Makes Acton Academy So Unique?

  • Focus on discovering a calling

  • 21st century learning

  • Multi-age classes

  • Self-paced, mastery-based learning

  • Project-based learning

  • Real-world apprenticeships

  • Hero’s journey

  • Blended learning

  • Learner driven

  • Deep respect for the child

  • Student self-governance

  • No homework

  • Guides rather than teachers

  • Socratic discussions rather than lectures

  • Portfolios rather than grades

  • Micro-school format

Our Promises to your child

He or She will...


Begin a Hero's Journey.


Learn to be a curious, independent, lifelong learner.


Develop a deep respect for economic, political and religious freedom.


Cherish the arts, the wonders of the physical world and the mysteries of life on earth.


Discover his or her most precious gifts and learn to use them to solve difficult problems in the world.


We get outside. We look for opportunities to take our learning out of the classroom and in to the fresh air. We aren't afraid to get dirty while we learn through play. Our youngest learners spend 1.5-3 hours outside a day and our elementary studios average 1-1.5 hours!


We are Pontotoc's Top Rated School on Google with 20+ 5-Star Reviews!

"I have often thought about how I want my children to be strong in the core skills of reading, writing, and math. Beyond that and more importantly, my greatest hope for them is to discover their gifts, be self-directed learners, and, simply, become good, kind people—which is the focus at Acton Academy!!! Acton students do not spend a lot of time doing worksheets, hearing lectures, and taking tests on information that can be found on Google. Instead, the work my children are doing is relevant to the 21st century and to their own interests and goals. My children are thriving because they are developing the commitment and discipline it takes to develop their unique strengths so that they can have a positive impact on the world around them. I can not recommend Acton Academy highly enough!!!."


Mandy Callister

Acton Academy Mom

"This model of education has been a dream come true for our family. My boys, ages 7 and 9, absolutely love going to school and happily get everything ready on their own and wait by the door so that we can get there early every day! They come home happy and excited about accomplishing their goals and our dinner conversations are filled with non-stop talking about their tribe, their projects, moral dilemmas they have encountered and debated. Every family movie now includes a discussion about heroic attitudes and actions, and I’ve heard them confront each other with warm-hearted and tough-minded talk such as, “That sounds like a victim response. How can you be a hero in this situation?” Your children will grow and be transformed at Ivy Greene!.."


Jessica Gile

Acton Academy Mom

"Amazing school. My daughter learned a lot and she love going to school everyday. Staff are so friendly and wonderful to the kids."


Jang Jang Aron

Acton Academy Mom


Acton Ivy Greene Academy Business Fair

Meet the Founder | Donna Akers

We always hoped our kids’ education would set them up for their life’s journey equipping them with real-world skills and good values.

When our kids experienced traditional school, our goal was they’d have a learning experience that was inspiring and relevant. We hoped they’d be fully equipped with the real-world skills and good character they’d need to pursue a meaningful life.

Well…that didn’t happen. Instead of learning the stuff that really matters, our kids were left feeling frustrated by the experience. All of us were left believing there had to be a better way to do school.

That’s why we started Ivy Greene : An Acton Academy in 2020.

Our dream was to create an environment where meaningful skills are taught through real-world scenarios. Where good character gets rewarded, and where developing a problem-solving mindset is the goal instead of an afterthought.

Our dream of helping our children succeed in a school setting has grown from 14 students to 43 learners.

If you want to see Acton in action, please book a tour. We look forward to meeting you!

355 People's Drive, Pontotoc, Mississippi, United States
+1 662-419-3014